Screech Owl Farm School

All it takes is one look into the eyes of a child exploring talents and skills never before realized, to know that Screech Owl programs bring forth a priceless resource - competent people.

From designing and constructing their first straw-bale fort, to planting seeds and pulling up weeds, exploration into skills, competency, and the joy of learning sets the programs at Screech Owl Farm School apart.

Through the woods and across the fields you can hear them, engaged in discovery and fun. And they get to be kids, learning by doing, asking their own questions, and saying right out loud,

"I did it!"

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Welcome to Screech Owl Farm School. Here, you can explore the programs we offer throughout the year in Chatham County, NC.

Located near Pittsboro, NC Screech Owl Farm School offers environmental life-skills and Farm Ecology education through a variety of programs to students of all ages.

Screech Owl Farm School helps nurture the links between 21st century life and the natural world. What better place for this to occur than in a rural setting, where these worlds are 'bridged'.


We all know that nature is more than a pretty scene we walk through, and children intuit the connections between life systems very quickly. It's in these open moments that learning happens. With the help of an enhanced atmosphere of discovery the lessons of nature become a part of us.


We look forward to connecting with you.  

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